Weekend Baking - Cinnamon Apple Scones

I officially have a new favorite scone recipe. The second I saw these cinnamon apple scones on Pinterest I knew I had to give it a try. Actually, I say that about a lot of recipes I see on Pinterest, so it's nice when I actually make one! Haha. It has two of my favorite fall flavors combined in a delicious triangular bite. The fresh apple pieces made it taste like a tiny piece of apple pie! Seriously. These are so good. They tasted the best straight out of the oven with a hot tea.

I was a little nervous baking these because the dough was extremely wet making it difficult to work with on the baking sheet. I separated them into the little triangle wedges, but apparently not far enough apart, because they ended up baking together into a big, round, super-scone. Oops. I just sliced the giant scone into pretty wedges and no one knew the difference. ;)

Weekend baking in the fall doesn't get any better. I think I need to bake another batch of my favorite pumpkin cookies for Halloween this week too. Have you tried any new recipes lately?

P.S. - My mom embroidered that tea towel. Isn't she awesome?

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