New Monthly Series - "What's in My Yarn Bag?" with Elycia!

When I was little and my grandmother came over to visit, I would immediately grab her purse so I could look through all of the different pockets and pouches. It was like I was on some sort of treasure hunt, searching for mints, her pink lipstick, and a purple agenda filled with her pretty cursive handwriting. I guess that's why I like "What's in My Bag?" posts today! It's like getting a small glimpse of someone's unique personality, all laid out in front of you. That's why I wanted to start this new, monthly series called "What's in My Yarn Bag?" featuring fellow yarn-loving bloggers and the different things they like to tote around with their projects. 

Just one look at her blog and you will see why this first yarn bag says "Elycia" all over. Hello cats, cameras, and color! :) 

What do you typically keep in your yarn bag? 
The essentials for my yarn bag depend on what I'm working on but I always try to keep some little mini scissors (we called them "snip-its" in highschool), a yarn needle, a measuring tape if what I am working on needs to be a certain length, and of course all of the needles and patterns I need for the projects I am currently working on.
Are you working on any fun projects at the moment? We want to see! 
Why yes I am! Back at the beginning of the year I decided it would be a good idea to start making a granny square blanket for our king sized bed. It is going to take me forever so it is a background project that I work on when I am not making something else. The other thing I am working on right now is a cat scarf. That's the white thing that doesn't look like anything in the photo. It is going to be so cute!
Do you like to carry your yarn bag with you and work on your knit/crochet projects in public?
Yes I do! I don't like to start projects in public unless I am going somewhere for a long period of time because I don't like to rush at the beginning and I need to be able to concentrate. If it is something very repetitive that I have already started then I love to bring it with me and sneak in a few stitches whenever I can.

What is your favorite part about yarn crafting? 
I like that yarn crafting is so portable. I love sewing but when you are sewing with a machine you are kind of tied down. I love that you can take yarn crafts on car rides and to family visits and be able to enjoy people's company while making something. 

Thank you so much for sharing Elycia! I can't wait to see the progress on your blanket. 

What do you typically carry in your yarn bag?