Tea & Knitting - How To Make an Earl Grey "London Fog"

I think we can all agree that tea and knitting are the perfect pair, yes? When I'm feeling down I always turn to a cup of tea and a knitting project to lift my spirits. The combination never fails to bring me out of a ho-hum day. My favorite tea drink is definitely the "London Fog". When I first tried one at Starbucks I was hooked by the perfect combination of foamy milk with a hint of vanilla. I have to admit, whenever I try to order one from my local Starbucks I feel a little weird saying "London Fog". Haha. It's like I accidentally predicted the weather in London instead of giving my drink order. When I explain the drink they usually say, "Oh! You mean a tea latte." and whip it up for me in a few minutes. So last year I got this amazing milk frothing machine so I could make my own at home just how I like it. Bonus: my face no longer turns red after an uncomfortable Starbucks order. ;)
London Fog
- 1 earl grey tea bag
- Steamed milk
- A splash of vanilla syrup (honey is good too!)
Brew the tea first and pour it into your mug, leaving room for the steamed milk. Add a splash of vanilla and then top with the steamed milk. Sip, knit, and enjoy. :)
This drink was the perfect motivation for me to cast on the second sleeve of my sweater project! I'm making progress already. Thank you again for the encouragement to finally finish it! 
Have you ever had a London Fog? What is your favorite kind of tea? 
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