Sweater Collection Wishes

// Oysho Pull Angora & Pull Lapin //
// Louche Dot Chunky Sweater in Duck Egg & Coral //
A very small part of me wishes that shops would cease to sell such cute knitwear this time of year. My love of sweaters is changing from a collection to a serious obsession. I have more sweaters than anyone would ever need, especially someone who lives in such a warm climate where sweater weather exists for an unfortunately short period of time. Nevertheless, I can't help myself. A colorful, and slightly crazy, sweater always brings a smile to my face. 
Come on...bunnies, bows, collars, sheep, polkadots...how can you not feel a little happier with one of these sweaters keeping you warm?
If only a few of these sweaters were a little less expensive! I guess I just need to knit faster and work on some more sweater updates. Hopefully a few of my DIY ideas will look just as cute as these beauties. 
Have you spotted any other fun sweaters out there that are on your wish list? Wait. Don't tempt me... ;)