Sheepish Yarn Bombing Day Results!

It's official. Sheepish Yarn Bombing Day was a success! I had so much fun checking everyone's pictures on Twitter and Instagram this weekend. I didn't think my smile could possibly get any wider each time a new photo popped up on my feed. Your photos kept me company while I not-so-patiently waited for a break in the rain showers so I could get out there and set up my own yarn bomb. Even though I had to wait until Sunday afternoon I finally stitched my knit pumpkin on the railing next to my soggy and faded strawberry creation from June. Ok, one railing has something for summer, the other for fall...if they are still around in December I guess I should give another railing something for winter? If that strawberry is still there in December I pretty much have to keep going! Haha. I really love how the pumpkin turned out. The colors are so warm and the pumpkin is perfect for the first day of October. What a great way to start a new month! 
I am still blown away by how many people participated! It is so great to see all of your photos in one place. I wish I could have see them (and you!) in person, confidently spreading a little yarn love around your neighborhood. I enjoyed reading the blog posts about your experiences too. For whatever reason, yarn bombing is a surprisingly fun and confidence-boosting experience! 
Jojobird72 // Caleisha

Meet Make Laugh // Emma

Bridget // Gogogoldfisch

Emma // Kelli


Thank you again for sharing your photos, stories, and for spreading the word about Sheepish Yarn Bombing day! What was your favorite part about yarn bombing? Have you checked to see if your creation is still around today? I hope so!
Happy October! I can already tell this month is going to be wonderful. :)