Heart on a Fence

I spotted a picture of a fence covered with yarn wrapped hearts on Pinterest yesterday and it inspired me to try it myself. The original post is from Outdoor Knit where a group of people came together to add these little yarn hearts to a fence and draw attention to a neglected area of town. I think that is the coolest idea. The power of craft is endless!

I stuck a ball of yarn in my purse when I left the house today hoping to leave my own mark somewhere around town. I went by to check on my strawberry yarn bomb from earlier this summer and it is still there! I can't believe it! It makes me happy that the business owners nearby have left is up for such a long time. The fence I chose for the heart isn't in a bad area, but it is a little neglected and overgrown. Nearby is a basketball court and a few benches so hopefully it will cause someone to stop and smile.  It was a  quick piece of yarn bombing and would be great for any non-knitters out there. It is amazing to me how yarn can make the most mundane of objects beautiful and worthy of a second glance.

Yarn brings me so much joy that I can't help sharing it with others, even in the smallest of ways.

I hope you have a relaxing weekend!

yarn bombingmeredith