What I Wore - Casual Coral

Outfit details: Dress - Target // T-Shirt - Old Navy // Ring - Made by me! // Quartz necklace - c/o Creature Comfort // Shoes - Primark

As a girl with a closet overflowing with crazy sweaters, jeans, and tights, you could say summer limits my wardrobe choices. I have shorts, t-shirts, and embarrassing faded t-shirts from high school (band camp, summer camp, church camp...I have quite the collection) to choose from. In an effort to look a bit more put together when I'm forced out into the heat, I picked up this cute dress from Target a few weeks ago. I'm pretty sure it is a bathing suit cover-up since it was hanging next to the suit section...but I'm going to ignore that technicality. It is so comfortable and I like how it looks with the t-shirt underneath. I'm not a huge fan of showing my shoulders...it's just a thing with me. This outfit is definitely more fun than my tired t-shirt/short combination. I need to be on the look out for more warm weather dresses and skirts!

I found these shoes in Primark on our second day in London. We turned the corner onto Oxford Street and Primark was the first shop we spotted! I had never heard of it before but the window displays caught me, so we went inside to look around. Wow, it was crowded! Once we looked at a few price tags, the lines for the dressing rooms made perfect sense. Everything was so cute and so inexpensive! I loved it! I also love this necklace sent to me by Breyell of Creature Comfort. The pretty quartz is perfect for catching the light of the summer sun.

I hope you are all having a great day! Thanks for your sweet words about the funk I've been in lately. I know it will pass soon enough. Your support is definitely speeding up the process. :)

What do you usually wear in the summer? Who else needs to get out of a shorts and t-shirt rut?