Weekend Plans 6/8 - 6/9

I think I am finally getting back into a routine after coming home from vacation. It took me a few days to fully wake up from the dream that was London and Paris and then a few days after that to tackle my long to-do list. I still have a few vacation photos to share from Paris! I've also been feeling a bit off lately...I don't really know how to describe it. I mean, I graduated and immediately left for vacation without a moment to think about what just happened. College. Finished. Over. Ok...now what? I know I will find my place eventually but for now you could say I'm suffering a little post-grad depression. I never thought those words would come out of my mouth! I am so happy to be done with college but I'm feeling a bit lost. Finding a new path isn't easy.

To take my mind off the lost feelings this week I have been knitting all of the things I dreamed up this semester but didn't have time to actually make. Well, homework no more! Haha. I need to remember the positives like that, take a few breaths, and enjoy the summer. That is exactly what I plan to do this weekend!

1. I saw this hair chalking tutorial on A Cup of Jo this week and knew I had to try it. Lately I've been missing my blue tips so I'm excited to see how this less permanent option works. Have any of you given this a try yet?
2. Tomorrow is International Yarn Bombing day! I love that it has an official day. So cool. I am going to the farmer's market tomorrow so I thought I would leave behind something "fresh". ;-)
3. A warm weather outfit for walking around the market.
4. On my shopping list for tomorrow is definitely some fresh peaches so I can bake this amazing peach cake. My mom and I made it once before and it was delicious. Mmm. We might need to pick up some vanilla ice cream too!

Another crafty and colorful weekend lies ahead and I can't wait to enjoy it. :)

What are you up to this weekend?