The Blush List - Sweet Summertime

Knitting // I love the beautiful, bright colors in these knit coasters by Eccomin. A nice resting place for a cool cup of iced tea. 
Crochet // A hand-crocheted pendant lamp from Handmade by Mo would be perfect hanging over a kitchen table or a little reading nook. So sweet!
Etsy // Baking with love is the best part of baking! Baked with Love plate from Wonder Vintage Shop.
Style // I recently discovered Noémie's blog The Sun Was High and was hooked by her sweet style. Her bangs are really cute too! :)
Art // This lovely illustration by Aiko Fukawa reminds me of the little shops around my own hometown. It is so much fun to visit local shops and markets over the summer. 

Food // Another fruit-related treat that I am excited to try over summer is this lemon tart with rosemary crust! It looks really light and easy to make.

I keep forgetting that it isn't officially summertime yet! Oh well. The warm sun outside and my tired arms after swimming this afternoon let me know that it is just around the corner. These finds have me inspired to keep knitting, crafting, and baking in the heat.

It was a great weekend over here! We celebrated father's day today by going out to breakfast and then driving out to a peach orchard. I love finding new places in my city to visit. It's like going on a mini vacation in a single day! I hope my dad enjoyed his day today. His love and support means everything to me. I love you dad!

How was your day? Hopefully wonderful! :)

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