Crochet Collar Obsessed!

My obsession with cute collars is well-documented, so when I saw this pattern by the lovely Emma of Lulu Loves I just had to try it. I love discovering new crochet patterns that only require a little bit of yarn from my stash. It's nice to use up those scrap bits and make something beautiful in a short amount of time! That means less UFOs (unfinished objects) and, believe me, I have plenty. Maybe I should finish a few of those projects instead of starting new, cute, crochet collars? Nah. That's just silly. ;)

I worked on this collar while enjoying my morning coffee over the past few days. I love the way these two colors look together. Cream and black is such a classy combination, especially with a sparkly vintage button on top. I found that button a few years ago in a store in Colorado Springs (I wish I could remember the name!) when I was visiting for my cousin's graduation. I bought several buttons that day and I can't believe this is the first one I've used. They are too pretty to use on just anything. I can't even take them off of the paper tags they came with because...well...they are just too pretty.

I really need to find some more projects that could use vintage button accent. These beauties need to be worn instead of collecting dust on my shelf.

My friend has her wedding shower on Sunday. This occasion deserves a dainty crochet collar, don't you think? ;)

What projects are you working on at the moment?