Weekend Plans 4/6 - 4/8

Hooray for the long weekend! My motivation to do anything other than blogging and knitting, a.k.a. studying, is dwindling by the day. My doodle to note-taking ratio has increased significantly over the last few weeks. So many new knit and crochet ideas scribbled on the side of my English notes...so few English notes. Ha! So I am especially thankful for an extended weekend filled with creativity.

Here's what I have planned for Easter weekend...

- Celebrating the holiday and what it means to me.
- Enjoying a handful of Easter candy. I'm particularly fond of Peeps and Reese's Pieces eggs! What's your favorite?
- I'm going to play around with a new crochet project using one of my favorite tea towels. I hope it works out!
- I think my family is going out for brunch on Sunday so I should probably paint over my chipped nails and wear my polka dot skirt.
- For another treat, I want to bake this scrumptious earl grey chocolate bundt cake. After the success of the earl grey muffins, I've been dying to bake with tea again. I think that should be my new baking requirement: must include tea.

I hope you all have a great weekend too! Do you have anything fun planned? I wish I wasn't too old for an Easter egg hunt...

Please share your plans and have a great time!

P.S. - Woah. I am floored, shocked, bumfuzzled, (bumfuzzled?) by the support, and inspiring words in your comments on my date post. Can we all just go on a big movie date together? I would really like that. :)

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