Weekend Baking - Earl Grey Chocolate Cake

I hope you had a great weekend! I did my very best to enjoy the last bit of vacation before the end cometh. Haha. (P.S. - I might be getting a little dramatic as the days until you-know-what get closer and closer. Just so you know.) Of course, no holiday is complete in my family without a little baking. I decided to try the earl grey chocolate cake and boy-oh-boy was it good. I highly recommend it! It was super easy to make and I always feel that bundt cakes look fancier than regular cakes. It looks a little gravity defying, am I right? Because it's round...and has a hole...no? Yeah, I don't know why I think that relates to defying gravity. Moving on. ;)

Anyway, it was really good. I only got one piece because my dad practically hogged the whole cake! That's ok. I like baking for others. It's like knitting in a way. I have to put together all of the ingredients (yarn), follow the directions (pattern) and then give it to someone I love! I'm not saying that my dad would eat a scarf or anything like that. Ha! Baking is just one of my favorite ways to show my family how much I love them.

If I could bake them a thousand cakes, I definitely would. :)

We also enjoyed a delicious brunch, watched one of my favorite musicals, Easter Parade, (Fred Astaire is so amazing), I worked on a fun new crochet project, and we just enjoyed each other's company. Definitely the makings of a good holiday weekend in my book!

I hope yours was just as wonderful. Care to share any of your weekend?

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