Weekend Plans 4/20 - 4/22

I wish I could give this weekend a hug. The past few days just would not give me a break...I stayed up way to late working every night, got lost while driving after a long day, pulled over and broke down crying, and found out that two of my final papers are both due on the same day. Ugh. A few good things happened this week too. I had to go see one of the Dallas Film Festival movies for a class, so I officially went on my second solo movie date! I feel like such a pro now. ;)

This is why I am so very happy for the weekend. In between papers and what not, I plan to...

- Wear my cozy socks because it is surprisingly chilly and cloudy outside right now. My favorite weather!
- I hope to have time to work on a knit bow ring tutorial that I toyed around with last weekend. I plan on putting some in my Etsy shop too!
- My mind is so full that I need more than my "one line a day" journal to pour everything that I'm thinking. I just have the writing itch, so I decided to get a new, shiny, red journal to hold all of this buzzing in my brain.
- At Barnes & Noble this afternoon, I found a few books to read on my trip to England and Paris! This one, Paris My Sweet, looks like it will make me especially hungry for croissants and macarons. Planning and dreaming about this trip will definitely help as I make my way through the next few weeks. I am so excited!!!!
- To accompany this cool weather, I think I will bake a batch of raspberry oat squares. Mmm.

That's all, that's it! I hope you all have some wonderful weekend plans too! Anything exciting happening over the next few days?

Enjoy the weekend!

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