New Records, Same Stress

Last Friday I went over to Half Price Books to find some records to listen to during the next few weeks. My apartment has officially become "study central" as I prepare for final exams and finish up this semester. Actually, as I finish That statement won't seem real until I have the diploma in my hand and even then...weird. So, I was really happy to stumble upon these great albums to help me focus and relax instead of typing away in stressed-out-silence. Quite a variety of music, huh? Surprisingly, I do listen to other music besides my beloved Frank and Dean. Haha. West Side Story, James Taylor, The Beatles, and The Sound of Music...I wouldn't exactly listen to all of these at once, but I do like each and every one. I hope The Beatles aren't offended to be in such company. ;-)
As I make my way through the next few weeks of anxiety, I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate your kind words more than ever. I am always blown away by your sweet and thoughtful comments, but this week they are really getting to me. I actually cried a few happy tears in the hall before class when I read a lovely reader email. 
I'm going to try and not let my stress about school consume the blog, but that is my world right now. I am so thankful to use this space as an outlet for my nerves and will probably appreciate these posts some day when I am far beyond college...

...Because I'm not exactly appreciating it now. Bring on the music, tea, and I'll try to put a limit on my doodling.

What do you listen to when you study? I'm also a fan of the Downton Abbey and Pride & Prejudice soundtracks when I read for class. For those of you in the same boat, or who have already made it through a time like this, please share your wisdom.

For me, music and a good cup of tea are always a good combination, even when it includes a research paper.

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