Blogging for Confidence #12 - Yarn Bombing My Desk

Another confidence challenged checked off the list! Thanks to all of your encouragement to take myself out on a date and yarn bomb my desk, I just had to do both. However, going to the movies alone seemed like a walk in the park compared to this!

So, this week I finally remembered to measure my desk. Did I think the measuring part was going to be difficult? No. Not at all. It's just a tape measure right? "Come on Meredith, no one is looking at you. Just measure the length, width and boom, bam, you're done." Ha. I am so naive. Of course my tape measure makes those little click-click-clicking noises when you pull it out. I never noticed it before but there's nothing like a quiet auditorium/classroom full of students to make you notice a noise that just doesn't quite fit. "Nothing to see hear...just measuring my desk new custom notebook. It's custom. What!?"

That afternoon I got started on the yarn bomb and did the similar four yarn strands held together on chunky needles thing that I did on my first yarn bomb. Maybe this is my signature? I knew I would have to get to class at least an hour early (what is wrong with me?) so that no one else would be there yet for picture taking purposes. I went in the class full of butterflies, threw my stuff down at my seat, and got to work. I fixed the yarn bomb on my desk and immediately started taking pictures. It is so dark in that auditorium, but thankfully a few pictures turned out ok. I could pretend that my hands weren't shaking again...but they definitely were. Haha. I was so nervous! And for good reason too, because at around 8:15 a.m. this guy walks in right when I'm taking a picture! AH! I kind of wish someone was taking my picture at that moment because it was pretty good. I immediately pulled the camera down to hide it in front of my body, I bent down and looked intently at my desk, also covering the yarn bomb, while stealthily picking up my bag, shoving my camera inside, and sitting down ever-so-gracefully as if nothing was weird at all.

That really got me shaking! I don't think he noticed anything, but I guess I will never know. Then I spent the next fifty minutes in a state of panic underneath the calmest, most studious face you ever saw. When I yarn bombed that fence back in December, I bolted to my car the second I snapped the last picture. This time I couldn't flee the scene until class was over. When it was finally time to go, I hung back a little bit so I could slip out unnoticed. I tried to swing the desk back between the seats, but, uh wasn't moving! With the yarn on the desk I guess it blocked the hinges from closing. That lovely, colorful yarn kept me from covering up and hiding from my challenge. How wonderfully symbolic. :-)

I have no idea if it is still there or if the next person who sat down whipped it off and chunked it in the trash. I hope it gave someone a smile though. It was really weird bringing school, knitting, blogging, and my issues with confidence all together in that dark auditorium. It felt so good.

Finally, in my last semester of college, I feel like myself. I'm not trying to be anyone else or fit into a certain mold. Yes, I'm a little weird, a little quirky, but in the end that doesn't mean a thing. I'm just me and I'm finally happy to share that "me"-ness with the world. :)