Weekend Plans 3/2 - 3/4

Thank you so much for all of the well wishes this week! I woke up this morning feeling much better, with no fever, and much less sniffly. Hopefully I can fully recover over the weekend, especially since I have a lot of crafty things planned...

- I found some cotton yarn in pretty, spring colors at Michaels this afternoon and I can't wait to use it! I'm a little sad to admit that winter is over though.. 
- While I was at Michaels, I also found the correct circular needles for my fawn-cho! I'm so excited to get started. My pretty yarn has been taunting me all week...
- I need to finish up adding border to the Ello Lovey prints. It is delicate work, but I really love the result. 
- I had a silent goal for February to do a picture an hour post again and I just never did it! I'm going to try it again tomorrow and maybe throw a few Instax shots in too. 
- In hopes that I continue to get better over the weekend, I will drink lots of liquids and munch on the universal sick person food, Saltine crackers. ;)
- My main reason for wanting to get over this cold is so I can see all of my Etsy Dallas friends at our first team meeting tomorrow afternoon! I can't wait to see my old buddies and meet the new members! 

That's about it. Aside from the Etsy Dallas meeting, I'm happy that most of these activities can be completed on the couch. I really need to rest up so I can knock out my midterm exams next week. Wait...what? Midterms already? Yeah...graduation is so soon.

So, what are you up to these weekend? Please share!