Sick Week Instagrams + A Question

This week didn't turn out like I expected at all! A little scratchy throat over the weekend turned into an all-over, achey cold that just won't quit. I don't think I've ever consumed so much hot tea in my life. I've  been bundled up in blankets (including a Snuggie) and my stirrup socks all day. Along with the gallons of hot tea, I'm trying to eat things with lots of vitamins, like kiwis which are surprisingly high in Vitamin C. Thanks for the tip Mom! :-)

Due to this unfortunate cold, I was unable to record the vlog I planned on posting this week discussing how I balance college, blogging, and etsy. I'm just not looking my best...haha. I both look and sound like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. You know what I'm talking about, right? From the Christmas movie? When he puts the cap over his shiny red nose to fit in and his voice sounds so stuffy it's like he ends each word with a "d". "I'm cude!" Translation: "I'm cute!" That was an unnecessarily elaborate explanation. I apologize. Haha. Anyway, since the vlog post has been postponed I was just wondering if you had any specific questions for me regarding the whole "balance" issue. I'm a little uncomfortable with being an authority on things, so I could definitely use some help so I know what to say! Please leave your questions here so I can record the vlog as soon as my voice gets back to normal. 

P.S. - Is anyone else feeling sick? If so, get some more tea and re-watch season one of Downton Abbey. That's what I'm doing...

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