The Blush List - A Little Happiness

Knitting // I recently discovered Patricia Roberts' knitting site and fell in love with these knit illustrations. It also looks like she has an adorable yarn shop in London too! 
Crochet // When crochet and nature come together it is a beautiful thing! I am blown away by these unique crochet pine cone brooches created by Vera Joåo Espinha. 
Style // Ashley's wardrobe is too lovely for words! Just look at that lace!
Handmade // My brooch collection needs this bashful beauty from Studio Meez
Art // Such cute little girls with big expressions in this print by Tuesday Bassen.

Food // This video recipe of almond and yogurt waffles with orange honey syrup makes me so hungry! I think baking videos are my new addiction.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! When I got out of class on Friday afternoon and finished my last midterm, it was officially spring break. The second I came home I collapsed on the couch and have done very little since. Haha. It feels so good to have a break. I'm looking forward to a week of knitting and blogging without pesky school distractions. ;)

P.S. - Thanks again for all of the sweet words on my last vlog post! Your words encourage me more than you know.