The 5 Stages of Knitting Mistake Grief

I almost didn't share these pictures. Oh the shame! I was so embarrassed when I realized the rookie mistake I made while knitting on the fawn-cho. I guess I was so stressed about midterms that my mind was distracted and I flubbed a few too many stitches to ignore. Ah well...we all make mistakes. Once I discovered the mistake, I made my way through the five stages of knitting mistake grief... 
Stage One: Acknowledge the mistake. Force yourself to say, "Hi, I'm Meredith. I messed up my knitting beyond repair and I have to start over." It's so hard to face this ugly truth!! 
Stage Two: Remove the knitting from the needles. There's no turning back. 
Stage Three: With every stitch you rip out it's like ripping out a piece of your own soul. No I am not exaggerating. ;)
Stage Four: Put on some good, relaxing music. Dean Martin doesn't judge me for skipping a few stitches. Just look at that face. 

Stage Five: Get yourself some coffee, tea, wine perhaps? and get ready to cast on again. It's never easy to start over but it is worth it in the end. Oh how philosophical was that? Haha!

This was silly, I know. Silly but true! Thankfully I'm back on track with the fawn-cho and will be much more careful this time around so I won't have to go through these stages of grief again...

Do you go through a similar routine when you goof up your knitting, crochet, or other craft? I'd love to hear how you deal with that awful feeling!

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