Making "Fawn-cho" Progress

Every time I look at this I get all giddy and jumpy inside. I can't believe I knit that sleepy, little fawn (even after my initial hiccup) and in a matter of weeks I get to wear it!! I know spring is coming, actually it has already arrived, and this fawn-cho is more of an autumnal garment...but I don't care. The minute I finish knitting this beauty I am going to find an excuse to wear it with pride. Maybe it will even be cool enough to wear it around London in May??

Over the break I would stop mid-stitch and say, "Isn't this just the coolest thing?" or "I mean...I can't even...come look at how cute this is!" even when no one was in the room. Oops. I guess cute knitting makes me talk to myself. The intarsia fawn was pretty tricky though. Intarsia and stranding result in so many ends that I really don't know what to do with or where they even came from. I had to share the last picture to give a peek at the insanity that lies just beneath my peaceful deer. Intarsia isn't pretty. Remember the Union Jack teacosy I made last year? I like to think of all of those ends as the storm before the calm.

I can't wait to finish this pattern! I'm about halfway through so hopefully I will be wearing it before you can say "fawn-cho isn't really a word" ten times fast. ;)

Are you working on any big knitting or crochet projects at the moment? How is it going for you? I hope I'm not the only one that gets so excited about fun knitting patterns.