Knitting Inspiration - Herringbone Stitch Video by Oversize Me


The other day I stumbled upon Oversize Me, a lovely French blog with beautiful photography, style, and snapshots of fun weekends. I was so excited to discover that the author, Jay, is also a fellow knitter. I spotted this post on the herringbone stitch, a stitch I've yet to try but always envied, along with an amazing video tutorial. I had to stretch my three semesters of beginners French to pick up the instructions, but I was so captivated by the stunning images that it basically spoke for itself. Even if you don't speak French, I think this video explains the stitch wonderfully. As you know, I am such a fan of baking videos that the idea of stunning, fiber-filled videos gets me really excited. I might have to try my hand at a knitting video one day too! :-)

What do you think? I've watched it so many times at this point...

It's just so lovely. :)