Weekend Baking - Red Velvet Heart-Shaped Donuts

I think my mom was hinting at something when she got me a heart-shaped donut pan for Valentine's Day. Last time I attempted to make these red velvet donuts, well....they didn't look so red. It was a failed baking attempt that stung especially hard because of my intense love for anything red velvet. So, as a result of the not-so-subtle gift from my mom, I gave it another try this weekend in between studying. We are pretty sure the red didn't work because I used low-fat buttermilk instead of regular. That's what I get for trying to be healthy...

I'm pretty proud that I finally achieved red velvet success. It was the perfect Valentine treat and great study fuel along with a cup of tea. I think I'll have one right now as I get ready for a big test in the morning. Ugh. However, there is the possibility of a "wintry mix" this evening. Am I too old to pray for a snow day?? ;)

How was your weekend? Bake/make/create anything fun?