Blogging for Confidence #10 - A Week of Colorful Sweaters

Outfit details: Sweater - Milk & Honey boutique, Nails - Scallop trim tutorial Skirt - Fossil, Tights - Target, Shoes - Vance c/o Blowfish

Through this Blogging for Confidence series, I've discovered that even when the challenge I set for myself seems so tiny and insignificant, it truly makes a big difference. You all know by now of my affinity for colorful sweaters. I don't think there is any deep reason behind why I love them so much except that they are soft and pretty! Lately, colorful and quirky sweaters have been jumping off the shelves at me and I've gathered a little collection. Even though I cherish each sweater dearly...I have a confession to make. Whenever I reach for one in my closet my thoughts of the joyful and cozy day ahead of me shrink away as I ponder, "Oh gosh. What is that girl who sits next to me in journalism going to think of this one?" or "That cute guy in English is going to think I'm some sort of escaped clown if I wear this polka-dot sweater!" The negative thoughts go on and on until I change my mind and pick a quieter garment. This isn't always the case. Sometimes I tell all those negative voices in my head to pipe down, like the day I wore my swan sweater, and go on with my day without a care. However, if I wear a fun sweater one day there is no way I will wear another one the next day. I've got to spread the quirkiness out and give the world a break from the colors....right? Wrong! I need to stop letting others determine anything about me even if it is something as insignificant as my wardrobe. I hope this doesn't sound too lame to you guys. Sometimes when I ramble on about sweaters I worry that I sound like a weirdo...but then that proves my point, doesn't it? No more holding back! My challenge is to wear one of my colorful sweaters every day this week. One after the other, I'm going to wear my favorite knits and document any reactions and hesitations that I have. I started the challenge on Sunday with that colorful striped sweater and will share a round-up post on what I learned about myself next week. I'll let you know how it turns out! 
Sweater details: Polkadot - Milk & Honey boutique, Heart elbow patches - Sweater from Target, DIY by me!, Swan - Joy the Store, Horse - Aritzia, Blue floral - Milk & Honey, Pink floral - H&M

Bring on the stares and "What a colorful sweater you have there Meredith." comments. I'm wearing what I want! :)

Footnote - I wore the polkadot sweater today and failed one of my goals for the week. I didn't take off my jacket in my last class because I was embarrassed of the dots. I kept my sweater hidden underneath my puffy coat for over an hour, sweating the entire time. Hopefully my confidence will improve as the week goes on...