Jingle Bash Countdown - A Sheepish Sign

Since the Jingle Bash will be my first time selling at a craft show, I'm slowly collecting the essential pieces for what will hopefully be an amazing booth! First up...I needed a sign! You know, so people will...um...know who I am. I originally thought about going the handmade route, and knitting up something really unique. However, time is a cruel and fickle friend, and I unfortunately just don't have enough hours to complete such a task. *Enter FedEx-Kinkos!* Haha. After a fellow Etsy Dallas teammate recommended it, I decided to check out their printing options. I mean, I had no idea FedEx did such things. The process could not have been easier. I just emailed the store my logo, decided on the material, size, number of grommets, and...*ta-da*...a sign was born! 

I know this is such a simple piece to the final craft show puzzle, but it feels really special to me. Seeing my shop logo blown up on a big sign makes me feel pretty proud of my Etsy adventures. I don't know how many times I will use this sign or how many craft shows I will attend, but I'll always remember my very first one. :-)

*PS - For those who have asked, I got this rug from Target several years ago and the shoes are from Top Shop!