Weekend Plans 9/9 - 9/11

I'm so happy to finally greet the end of this week. Unfortunately, it was filled with writing papers, sinuses, stress acne, and a few tears. (No worries, we all need a good cry every now and then, right?) I love that I have the opportunity to recharge and reorganize on the weekends. Hopefully next week will be 100 times better!

Here's what I have planned for the weekend...

1. A bit of reading.
2. Organizing my schedule in my shiny new planner. I never really liked making lists for class before, but now it's clear this is the only way I will make it through this semester.
3. Send letters to my amazing pen pals. I got my first pen pal from my new friend Julie today! I can't wait to send her and Danielle a note on my now-trendy Pan Am stationary. (I've had these notecards for years now. I'm definitely not jumping on the Pan Am bandwagon. I mean....remember my purse?)
4. Knit with this yummy new yarn.
5. Work on new color combos for the granny square cowl.
6. Start using a new "Proactive knock-off" acne wash. I never had skin issues in high school...but it's definitely making up for lost time now.
7. Paint my nails like this. Such a clever idea!

What are your plans? Fill me in! I hope your week was a bit better than mine.

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