My Year Starts Now - 52 Weeks of Instax

I saw Kaylah's (aka The Dainty Squid) post about starting 52 Weeks of Instax several months ago and I just couldn't stop thinking about it. As you know, I love to snap pictures with my Diana camera but I just haven't used my Instax as much as I would like. I think it's the pressure of immediately knowing that I took a horrible picture. Haha. Now, I know it's not Januaray or any month when one would typically start a year-long project. However, I am officially a senior and one year from now I will have graduated from college. My year is starting now and I plan to document it as much as possible. 

Taking 52 weeks worth of instax pictures, along with my one-line-a-day journal, I will be overflowing with memories by the time I graduate. 
I took my first picture this week! And in the classic instant photography style, I unpredictably snapped my feet when I was taking a picture of the square from the baby blanket I'm working on. It's not perfect, but my feet make it a little more interesting. Hopefully I will get better at mastering this thing as the weeks go by. 

Along with making memories this year, I really want to challenge myself to get outside of my comfort zone. Would you lovely readers be at all interested in me creating some sort of challenges or goals for myself to accomplish on a weekly basis? I've been thinking about this for awhile and I would love to know what you think!