What's in my bag?

Just for fun, here is a little peek inside my favorite purse! I got this Pan Am bag on EBay a few years ago after one too many viewings of "Catch Me if You Can". I absolutely love it! It's so different and I always get an even mixture of compliments and confused looks when I carry it around.

I love my Ray Bans but they seem to be a little bent from shoving them down into my purse instead of properly putting them in their case. I always carry a few packs of gum, because I chew it when I'm nervous, which is most of the time. :) So that means that the bottom of my purse is always littered with gum wrappers...(of course I cleaned things up for the picture.)

I recently bought these headphones because my earbuds would always slip out of my ears when I walk across campus. Until I can afford some Beats by Dr. Dre, these happy aqua headphones will do!

I hope everyone had a great week! I'll be back from vacation soon and I have the cutest artist interview and giveaway set up for Monday! See you soon!