Artist Interview & Giveaway - Felt Fox Pin by Mariet Vosloo

I'm thrilled to introduce you to Mariet Vosloo. Mariet is a designer and crafter living in Cape Town. She created her own label, PONCHO, and makes incredible, one of a kind brooches. She also does some freelance graphic design from time to time. I hope you enjoy getting to know this very talented lady! Thank you Mariet for providing the beautiful photos! 

How did you get started creating such beautiful brooches?
My love for handmade things started when I was little. My mom and granny are two very talented ladies and always kept me busy with some sort of crafty thing. My mom and I used to make pouches for my marbles, dolls clothes, pencil cases, the list goes on. My granny is an exceptional knitter and always kept her pieces of scrap wool, which made for pretty cool holidays and some really scary creations, like the little multicolored blanket I knitted for my miniature poodle, Tjokkie. Poor Tjokkie, he must have had nightmares sleeping on that.

In Primary School, Fridays used to by my favorite day of the week. Not because it was the start of the weekend, but because we had two whole periods of needlework at the end of the day!

Later on I realized that I really loved embroidering. Most of my pieces are animal characters. Combining my love for animals with my love for embroidering and sewing is super satisfying. I love the freedom I have when I work by hand and to see how all the little stitches come together to form the final piece.

Your brooches are very detailed! About how long does it take you to make just one?
On average, between one and two full days. 

Mariet's step-by-step process for making "Sailor Tom"  

What inspires you to create?
Nature, especially animals. More specifically, my cats, Bobby and Snoekie.

My fellow animals nuts, a.k.a my family.
Rouleaux, my always positive and supportive boyfriend who is an amazing graphic designer.
Reading the blogs of people who's work I admire.
The library. It's impossible not to become inspired when you're surrounded by a zillion books.
Rouleaux's vinyl collection.

Describe your creative process.
I really enjoy making custom pieces and when I get an order I usually do some drawings first. 90% of the time though the drawing and the final piece don't look alike at all. Sometimes I just start embroidering with an idea and some sort of picture bouncing around in my head. I like it when a piece evolves while I'm working. Keeps it exciting.

What keeps you busy, apart from your crafty business?
I'm crazy about succulent plants and spend a lot of spare time gardening. And I love going on little hiking adventures, but now with the arrival of Winter I foresee a lot of movies, pancakes and listening to vinyls. Oh and loads of crossword puzzles, reading and kitty cuddling.

Thank you so much Mariet! Your brooches are simply stunning. 

Mariet was kind enough to offer my readers this adorable fox pin called "Sailor Tom" for a giveaway! 

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