Technology is Draining (and giveaway winner announced...)

Before I started selling on Etsy, the only form of social media that I used on a regular basis was Facebook. Now, I feel the need to keep up with Twitter, Tumblr, and Pinterest. All of this constant use of technology is really draining my creativity and desire to knit. I assumed when I started my little business that some sort of online presence was necessary, but I didn't realize how intensely addictive it would become. As of today I have wasted 5,000 hours on social media use. :-) Ok maybe not that much...but I have definitely squandered away a lot of knitting time. Social media loses its usefulness when I do nothing and have nothing to say.

I also get way to worked up about silly little things. When I lose a follower I get really sad and say, "What did I do wrong??" I also put way too much thought into what to tweet and what not tweet. That's almost Shakespearean.

My goal is to find a balance. I need to know when it is time to lock anything and everything with an internet connection in my closet and just walk away.

Why isn't this blog included in my ravenous social media addiction? Because I am truly passionate about blogging and developing this one into something great. I know I am new to all of this, and don't post as often as I should, but I have some big changes in store for the blog. I will finally have some time to blog during my spring break next week. (I seriously know how to party). Plus I am planning a total blog makeover. I have some tutorials and weekly themed posts up my sleeve so stay tuned.

AND we have a winner for last week's giveaway! The random number generator has spoken...

Congratulations Kristin!

Thank you everyone for entering!