the month of love and bitterness...

Happy February! Haha.
A month filled with such joyful events like the Oscars, the Super Bowl, and that other holiday. What is it again? Oh right. Valentine's day. The day that sends a shockwave of dread through the single, mostly female, community. I too loathe the lovey-dovey nature of this holiday, but still take advantage of any excuse to eat lots of sweets and watch Pride and Prejudice (the BBC, Colin Firth version) as often as I can. C'mon ladies, who doesn't love the lake scene? :-)
I will try to keep my moodiness to a minimum though. Actually, this month has started out wonderfully! Yesterday I found out that the amazing team, Etsy Dallas, accepted my application!!! I feel so official now. I couldn't be more excited to get the opportunity to meet and learn from so many wonderful, local artists. 
Another plus added to this month is that a major (well, major for Texas) ice storm hit Dallas and my classes were cancelled! 
Maybe this month won't be so bad after all.