Back to School, Back to Cool

(Ok, first of all, can we just all gaze in wonder at my Romanticism book for this semester? It is 1477 pages, as if the picture didn't do it justice.) 


Christmas break was wonderful, but now it's over and it's back to studying, classes, homework, and papers.   So I apologize if I post a little less frequently for the next week or two. I've got to get my groove back. Like Stella, you know? Ha!
I'll still be knitting as often as I can! It's pretty chilly in my apartment, so I have found that knitting in my Snuggie is maybe the most comfortable thing ever. Don't judge.

Also, at the beginning of each semester, I always admire my little crochet clock that I made last summer, a time when I actually had time to make things for myself! (We all know that is a resolution I am working on this year.)

But isn't he cute? Although, he does absolutely nothing to help me wake up in the morning. He just sits there, mocking me with his smug little half-smile as I rub the sleep out of my eyes and whack my actual alarm buzzing annoyingly by his side.

So wish me luck as I get back into a routine and attempt to tear myself away from Etsy and my yarn stash long enough to get some studying done. 

Oh! AND I'm having a sale in the shop! YAY! From January 24 - February 6, everything in the shop is 15% off when you use the code SHEEP15 at checkout. Check it out! ;-)