As much as I love social media, it can feel like an incredibly "un-social" place. We get so caught up in representing ourselves in a certain way that we lose the ability to truly interact with each other. Our social media personas and business names can also become heavy and we unknowingly put labels on ourselves that ultimately hold us back from truly living.

I started #TheSocialHeartsClub because I want to give us the opportunity to talk about what we tend to avoid, the truth beneath the filters of social media and help begin a transformation that grows confidence in who we are without the approval of likes and comments. We go through a series of intentional questions, provide a safe space to discuss our answers, all while snacking on treats and champs with our new social sistas. 

Come join the fun, socialize, meet to people, and build community! If you are interested in joining the next social, click here to reserve your seat.