Hello, again!

Hello, friends!

Well...it's been awhile, to say the least. For the last few months, every time I sat down in front of my computer to blog, I felt like I was forcing out words that were completely without  joy or passion. I couldn't even bring myself to write a post about wanting to take a break from blogging. The break just sort of happened. A few weeks passed and I decided to really give myself some time away from One Sheepish Girl. I didn't document any of the holidays. Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, or any of the days in between...they didn't make an appearance on this blog.

But every single un-documented day still happened.

I spent time with family and friends. I actually knit/crochet some Christmas gifts for the first time in almost three years. There were delicious meals, long conversations, days spent at the movie theater, and so much laughing. It wasn't perfect by any means...but it happened. Even if I didn't take as many pictures or write as many blog posts, it happened and I am so thankful that it did.

When I started blogging, I used this space as a way to grow confidence, challenge myself, try new things, and express my creativity. Along the way blogging became a chore instead of a choice. Even though I didn't want to admit it, I found my value and worth in the name One Sheepish Girl and the way she lived online. As I am growing and learning to love myself, I now find my value in Meredith, the woman God created, and recognize my life is just as valuable even more valuable offline. I'm excited to get back into blogging creatively with this new perspective and, moving forward, not be quite so scared of this space.

Since it has been awhile since my last post, I thought I would re-introduce myself here on the blog!

- My name is Meredith and I live in Dallas, TX.

- I started this blog over four years ago when I was in college. I picked the name One Sheepish Girl because I was exactly that. Today, I am still sheepish, but I am ridding myself of labels like fearful and fragile. Sheepish can stay but the others need to go.

- Knitting and crochet bring me a lot of joy. I also love embroidery, photography, baking, cooking, writing, journaling, reading, Netflix-ing, and so much more. I hope to bring more of those interests to the blog this year!

- During the journey of this blog I was blessed with the opportunity to write my own book of crochet patterns. Crochet with One Sheepish Girl was published in October 2014 and I still can't believe it actually happened. But it did!

- In addition to blogging, I have a day job. Some days it is tricky to find a balance, but I am so thankful that I can still pursue my passions.

- I love Benedict Cumberbatch. A lot. Sherlock and all things related to the great Mr. Cumberbatch might be mentioned from time to time. You've been warned...

- I asked my best friend Sara if she could think of anything else I should add to this post. She said, "Remember that you will always be growing and changing and being a human being. Don't get too used to the idea of a person, so much as accepting who that person is becoming!" I definitely needed that reminder. She is so wise!

Well, those are just a few things I want you to know about me! (The second to last one being the most important, of course. Ha.) If you are a long time reader or just stumbled upon this blog, I am so thankful you are here. Thank you for reading these words and being part of this creative community. Cheers to a new year!


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