Mollie Makes Apartment Tour

I am so honored to have a Tea & Chat home tour feature in Issue 45 of Mollie Makes! I remember the day my friend and photographer, Kelly Christine, came over to shoot my apartment. I was incredibly nervous for some reason and spent the entire weekend cleaning, organizing, and styling my apartment like a mad woman. The last thing on my to-do list was to bake some scones for the kitchen table. When the shoot day arrived, I was definitely drained of energy and time. So my local grocery store came through and I picked up a box of surprisingly delicious blueberry scones and called it a day. Yes, I cheated. No, I am not ashamed. Haha. ;)

Trust me when I say this is the cleanest and cutest my apartment ever EVER looked. Eh. Ver. I'm glad this home tour finally motivated me to get organized and decorate a little bit more! probably would have looked quite different. Haha.   In my daily life, my apartment regularly featured a wide variety of dirty clothes strewn about the floor, random coffee cups on book shelves, and generally a lot more clutter.  However, it's nice to have such beautiful photos to remember it when it looked so clean and pulled together! Thank you Kelly for doing such an amazing job! You're the best.

Thank you Mollie Makes for the incredible opportunity. Check out more photos and my interview in Issue 45! I still need to get my hands on a print copy!

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Happy Friday!