New Knit Project - Wool and the Gang Kit

It's a new year, time for a new knit!

I am so excited to dive into this fabulous knit kit from Wool and the Gang! As we all know, my sweater collection will never truly be complete, so I decided to add another knit to the mix and get started on the Supremes Sweater Kit. The kit includes the yarn, needles, and tapestry needle needed to make the sweater. It also includes the pattern for three different, but very similar, sweaters. I decided to keep it simple and cast on the Florence sweater. It primarily consists of the basic garter stitch so it is the perfect project to work on as I watch (probably too much) TV. At least I can say I am being a little productive when I get sucked in the black hole of Netflix, right? Right…
So far the sweater is coming along great! I think I am going to try to make the sweater a little bit longer than the pattern. You know…tall girl problems. Hopefully I have enough yarn! I need to finish the front and back sections in addition to both sleeves.   I can’t wait to wear the finished product. I think it will look so cute with a few brooches pinned to the front and layered over a plaid shirt. I will definitely share my progress! 
I also ordered some new yarn for a knit vest project that I can’t wait to try. So excited to get back into knitting after a crochet-filled year! Haha. 
Also, for those of you asking, my new blog design is still coming…I promise. The holidays just slowed things down a little bit! It’s all good! I am so excited to finally launch the new look! Hopefully in the next week or two…
What projects are you working on right now? I would love to see!
Have a wonderful day.