Happy 2013 Moments & Memories

Oh, 2013…what can I say about you? You were a year filled with change, amazing opportunities, growth, laughs, joy, loss, sorrow, and new beginnings.  Last year challenged me and pushed me more than I thought I could possibly handle. I was presented with the amazing opportunity of writing a book of crochet projects in January! What a way to start the year. After accepting the project, I was overwhelmed with feelings of excitement and fear. What if I fail? What if I can’t do this? What if…? Then I remembered a few very important facts. 1.) My abilities are not my own, they come from God and I use them for God. 2.) I am blessed with family and friends who believe in me. 3.) A publisher believes in me, so why shouldn’t I? As I moved throughout the year, I tried to remember these things every single day. When the book process began, I still had moments of fear and worry (What can I say…I’m a worrywart!) but I stayed rooted in the truth and began taking confident steps toward my goal. The book consumed a lot of my year, but I still managed to make some wonderful memories, meet new friends, and grow One Sheepish Girl. Throughout the year I wrote happy memories on tiny pieces of paper and stored them inside a jar. On New Year’s Day, I dumped out the contents and was reminded of the many blessings. I really want to continue the tradition next year!
 Here are a few of my favorite moments from 2013… 

As I enter 2014, I am still carrying the stress from the year before.  I am trying to remind myself it is a good thing to rest and take breaks after such a wonderfully draining creative process. It is time to rest, reflect, and get excited about what is to come! I can’t wait to hold my finished book in my hands this year. Most of all, I can’t wait for YOU to see it. It is because of this wonderful blogging community that I was presented with such an amazing opportunity. I can’t thank you enough. Thank you for following my adventures this year. Thank you for supporting me. 
Let’s fill 2014 with happiness, kindness, and colorful creativity.