Birthday Weekend Treats!

Every year, without fail, I wish for a slice of red velvet cake for my birthday. This year I was lucky enough to have my cake in the form of the most delicious ice cream/cone combination ever! The new Sprinkles Ice Cream opened in Dallas the day before my birthday. I have been dreaming about red velvet ice cream scooped in a red velvet cone ever since I heard about the new Sprinkles ice cream shops. I'm not usually a person who likes to stand in line on opening day, especially in the middle of August, but the lure of cupcake-flavored ice cream couldn't keep me away. The line wasn't too long and it was surprisingly cool that day. Thanks for the birthday present, Texas! Haha. All that being said...the ice cream is amazing. I already have plans to return soon and I will probably get the exact same thing. How could I get anything else when red velvet cones are staring me in the face the second I walk through the door? Mmm! 

I also finally visited Pouf, my friend Maryam's beautiful new blowout salon located in Mockingbird Station. It is so cute inside! I wanted to steal that mint couch on my way out. Ha. Seriously though. Pouf opened when I was away in San Francisco and I have been bummed ever since that I missed the grand opening party. I am so glad I decided to visit for my birthday! Jordan, the stylist, gave me my first ever blowout and I was so happy with the results. I still can't believe she was able to get my hair that curly with just a round brush and a blow dryer. I asked for a waterfall braid add-on because, although I love to experiment with braids, I have yet to master the behind the head braid styles. This is why I need a third arm. Maybe six. That way I could braid my hair, crochet, and type at the same time! That doesn't sound creepy at all...

Anyway, I had a great birthday exploring these new spots in Dallas! The celebration might even get extended through this week for a dinner with friends. I can't wait!

The memory of that glorious ice cream will get me through the week. I hope you are having a great Monday so far!