Behind the Scenes - Photo Shoot Sneak Peeks!

I spent yesterday afternoon working with Kelly, my friend and talented photographer, on a photo shoot for an upcoming project! We had such a great day. I absolutely love working with Kelly. She is so creative, encouraging, and gets just as excited as I do about creating beautiful images! I can't say what the photo shoot was for just yet...but I wanted to share some of the iPhone snaps I captured during the shoot. So many great memories. :)

I just love seeing the pieces of a project come together. I feel like this has been the "year of secrets" on my blog...eventually I will be able to share more than occasional bits and pieces. Soon!

Also, the dip dye tassels are from this tutorial I shared a few weeks ago. Have you tried dyeing wool with Kool-Aid yet?

I hope you are having a great week! I am feeling so blessed to be busy right now! Oh...hey there, August. Wow. You got here a little too fast...haha.

How is your week going?