June Film Camera Challenge Results

Last month I challenged myself, and anyone else who wanted to participate, to capture more moments on film. I chose four themes, Color - Nature - Summer - Local Favorites, and rotated them throughout the month. However, I found it difficult to stick with one theme a week! If I saw something that didn't fit the theme of the week I still took a picture of it. As a result, I got a little off on the weekly themes but I am happy with the film photos I captured in June! For all of these photos I used my Pentax K1000 and Kodak UltraMax 400 film. 

Local //
1.) A table at the farmers market
2. & 3.) A sign and display outside of a local kitchen shop. That day the "tamale lady" was sharing free samples of sweet tamales. I'm not a fan of regular tamales so I wasn't sure what to expect from a dessert tamale. She handed me a blueberry tamale sample and it was seriously good.
4.) An old shed on the side of the road.
5.) The sign for the shaved ice stand.

Nature //
1 & 2.) A peach tree
3-5.) Pretty vines growing on a wall
6.) Pink crepe myrtle blooms

Colorful //
1.) A cheerful umbrella
2.) A pretty blue door

Summer //
1.) Pool water
2.) It is officially shaved ice season!

I loved this challenge! I wasn't able to take quite as many photos as I wanted, but I am happy I was able to get my camera out and explore. This month was definitely a trial run. Haha. I plan on doing it again in July too! I need a few days to think of new challenges and get organized, so I will probably announce the first theme later this week.

Did you participate in the film challenge? I would love to see your pictures! Do you want to join this month?

I hope you are having a great first day of July!