Kool-Aid Dip Dye Tassel Wall Hanging

Can I just say that I fully expected this project to fail miserably, resulting in a terrible combination of tears and Kool-Aid stains? Thankfully Miraculously, my first attempt at dyeing yarn with Kool-Aid is now one of my favorite craft projects to date! Hooray for weekend project SUCCESS!
I have been itching to bring this idea to life for months now. Ever since I saw this amazing dip-dyed, macrame wall hanging, I knew I wanted to give my own "yarn-y" version a try. ;) Also, I thought dyeing tassels instead of a whole skein of yarn would be a good place to start. I couldn't be happier with the results! The dyeing process was surprisingly easy.
You will need:
- Cardboard
- 100% wool yarn, I used "I Love This Wool" in Ivory
- Kool-Aid packets, 0.14 oz. I couldn't decide on just one color! Haha. I wanted to try them all. Maybe I will make another version in just one color. For now, I really like this colorful version! So fun for summer.
- Water
- At least three microwave safe bowls. I used Pyrex measuring cups.
- Dish soap
How to make a tassel: Find a piece of cardboard, I used an 8 inch piece. 1. Wrap the wool around the cardboard. Start and finish wrapping the yarn on the same end of the cardboard. 2. Cut the yarn at the end where you started and finish wrapping. 3. Lay the yarn out flat and place a string in the middle. 4. Fold one end of the yarn over the string. Tie the string in a double knot at the top of the tassel. Leave a long end so you can attach it to your finished garland or dowel. 5. Cut a new length of yarn and wrap it several times around the top of the tassel. Tie a double knot. 6. Weave the extra ends through the top of the tassel and snip the excess.
Now it is time to dye it!
First, put one squirt of dish soap in one cup of water. Warm in the microwave for 20 seconds. Next, place the tassel in the water and allow it to soak for a few minutes. Dip the tassel in the water where you want color to show. While the tassel is soaking, mix one cup of water and one packet of Kool-Aid in a microwave safe bowl. Warm the Kool-Aid for one minute.
While the Kool-Aid is heating, remove your tassel from the water and squeeze it dry. Use a paper towel if necessary. Next, place the very bottom of the tassel in the Kool-Aid and count to 10. When you get to ten, dip more of the tassel in the Kool-Aid. Continue this process until you get the desired ombré/dip-dye look. I held the bottom of the tassels in the dye for a little longer to make the ends darker.
Finally, warm two cups of water in your largest microwave safe bowl for 25 seconds. Remove the tassel from the Kool-Aid and rinse thoroughly in the warm water. Squeeze out the excess water over the sink. Hang your tassel to dry. Allow to dry completely overnight.
When the tassels are dry, trim the ends with scissors, attach to a string or dowel, and hang it up on the wall!

This project was seriously FUN! Haha. Maybe my definition of "fun" is a little skewed...but I'm sure most of you will agree. Now I want to dip dye everything in sight. This wall hanging is so cheerful too! I can't decide where to hang it. I am embarrassed to say that I keep moving it around just so I can look at it and smile. :)

Have you dyed yarn with Kool-Aid? How did it work for you?