San Francisco Memories - Film Photos from Muir Woods

Here is one last round of photos from my trip to San Francisco! I just picked up the roll of film I shot with my Pentax during our walk through Muir Woods. I love how the photos turned out! Even though the drive up the hill was filled with a few too many twists and turns...winding roads are not my favorite thing...the sight of the giant redwood trees made the trip more than worth it!

I am a tall girl...5'11"...but I felt so teeny tiny looking up at the tops of these massive trees. The hike through Muir Woods was one of my favorite moments of the trip. Talk about time spent appreciating the awe-inspiring beauty of nature. I could have spent the whole day roaming the quiet paths, admiring the moss-covered trunks, and breathing in the cold air. It was really chilly in the woods! A steaming cup of hot cocoa and a berry scone were the perfect reward after the long walk.

I love having these photos to remember the visit! The light streaming through the tree branches was so beautiful that day. I'm glad my camera was able to capture it and bring some of that light all the way home to Dallas. :)

After this trip, I am feeling more inspired than ever to shoot with my film cameras. I have a monthly challenge idea that will help me pick up my Pentax more often. I want to start the challenge in June so I will blog about it in the next few days!

Do you have a film camera? Would you be interested in participating in a photo series?

I hope you are having a great week so far!