My Finished Giant Granny Square Blanket!

Finally! I finished this project several weeks ago, but I had trouble finding a way to photograph the entire GIANT granny square blanket. I tried to get as much of it in the pictures as possible!

I am so happy with my finished blanket! It is so big that it completely covers my bed. I love the cream square in the middle and how the colors fade from light to dark. I used this pattern from The Purl Bee as a starting point, but modified the pattern for my own color scheme and size. I repeated the light grey, light blue, green, and navy stripe pattern twice to make the blanket big enough. It definitely required a lot of yarn. I lost count of the number of cream skeins I used!

This blanket will be cherished for years to come. The process of making a crochet blanket is a strange mixture of enjoyable, frustrating, relaxing, and time-consuming. After all of that work I am so glad I have a finished, cozy blanket to enjoy.

Now I need to finish my green cable knit socks! :)

How are your projects coming along? Have you finished a blanket recently?