Sweater Makeover - Flower Embroidered Shoulders

After getting past more than a few mistakes and restarts, I am so happy with the final result of my latest sweater makeover! I thought about adding embroidered flowers to the shoulder seams of a sweater several months ago. I recently found this plain sweater at Target and decided it was a good time to give it a try. The sweater is a really thin knit and is perfect for spring. However, on the day I was finally able to go take pictures in the sweater it was windy and freezing! Of course. Haha. Hopefully I don't look too cold in these photos. :)
I used embroidery thread for my flowers, but I'm sure you could use yarn or crochet thread for your own variation. Experiment with what works best for your sweater!
- A sweater
- Embroidery thread (I used DMC in colors #817, #807, #597, #803, and #563)
- Embroidery needle
- Embroidery hoop (I used a 6 in hoop for the main shoulder seam section and a 4 in hoop to fill in a few flowers around the edge.)
- Scissors
1. Center the hoop on the shoulder seams of your sweater. Make sure the sweater fabric is tight in the hoop. 
2. Select a color for the flower petals and knot the end. I used the "lazy daisy" stitch pictured above. If you are new to the lazy daisy stitch, you can find instructions here
3. Once you finish all of the petals, weave in the end under a few stitches on the back side and tie off with a knot. Cut the excess ends.
4. Add three or four french knots to the center of the flower. Tie off with a knot on the back side. Cut the excess ends.
5. Fill in the hoop with a variety of flowers in different sizes and color combinations. 
6. Repeat these steps on the second shoulder.

This is definitely my favorite sweater makeover yet! I love how a few embroidered flowers make this sweater look so delicate and unique. I plan on wearing it a lot this spring!

I hope you have a happy Friday and a great first day of March! :)