My First Batch of Macarons

I think beginner's luck played a big role in the success of my first batch of homemade macarons. I truly had no idea what to expect. Thankfully Martha Stewart's raspberry macaron recipe was really easy to follow. The only thing I changed was I made my macarons 1.5 inches instead of a 3/4 inch.

When I finished piping the macarons, I pulled the pastry tip to the side so it wouldn't leave a little peak in the middle. I banged the pan on the counter a few times, crossed my fingers and toes, and slid them in the oven. I got a little too excited when the oven timer beeped and I saw some pretty decent looking "feet" (the crinkly edge on the bottom of the shell) on my macarons. It's an exciting thing to have baking success on such an intimidating dessert!

The macarons were delicious. I loved the little bits of raspberry puree mixed in the pink macaron shells. Now that I know I can actually make a decent macaron, I am already searching for other flavor combinations to try.

Hopefully this beginner's luck will last when I attempt a batch of pumpkin pie, champagne, red velvet, or even earl grey! Or maybe I should stick with what I know and make some more raspberry macarons for Valentine's Day. :)

Have you tried baking macarons before? What flavors or recipes would your recommend?

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