Instagram Snapshots

I love using Instagram as a way to capture inspiring images and colors. It has been awhile since I shared any on the blog so I thought I would post some of my recent favorites. I think the bright and cheerful colors in these photos reflect my optimistic outlook for 2013!

// 1. An inviting chair outside of The Shabby Sheep // 2. A colorful yarn palette for spring. // 3. Doing some after Christmas shopping. // 4. New crochet stitches. // 5. Vintage handkerchief finds. // 6. Hello weekend. // 7. A random, beautiful, and snowy Tuesday morning. // 8 & 9. A few peeks of my new workspace set up. // 10. My new favorite mug. // 11. A baking adventure. // 12. A finished bow hat. // 13. A free printable 2013 wall calendar found here. //

If you had the day off, I hope you enjoyed this nice three day weekend. I'm excited to share more photos of my workspace this week and tackle some new projects.

Do you use Instagram? You can find my photos under my username sheepishknitcrochet. What do you like to capture with the app?

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