Crochet Swatches & Inspiration

Lately, my mind has been in full inspiration mode. I am constantly sketching and thinking up new patterns and projects for the year ahead. I can only hope that this year will be filled with even more creative and inspiring moments.

I played around with crocodile stitch yesterday and I am in love. There are so many possibilities for this stitch. It has such a great look and texture. I also set up a cork board where I can pin pictures, color palettes, illustrations, swatches, and other inspiring bits and pieces. I'm pretty sure I already need a bigger one! At some point this year I hope to finally set up a small, creative workspace where I can work and dream. Even if it is just a tiny corner of a room, I'll take it!

This part of the process is definitely my favorite. Trying new things, making adjustments, and trying again until something great comes together.

How do you stay inspired with your craft? Do you have an inspiration board too or do you mainly use Pinterest?