A Crochet Cozy for My Planner

To my surprise, this week's Blush List wish for a snow day actually came true! Yesterday morning I woke up to white snow glowing outside my window. I could hardly believe it! What are the chances? Haha. I stayed inside most of the day because I wasn't feeling so well, but used the snow day as an excuse to cover my 2013 planner in crochet.

I love my calendar, but the cover is relatively plain. I decided to make a crochet cozy for it and dress it up a little. I added the pocket to make it more functional and keep pens, sticky notes, and highlighters tucked inside. I love how it turned out! A fun planner will definitely keep me motivated to stay organized this year. I am thinking about sharing this pattern in my shop soon if you are interested. It would include how to size it for your specific planner.

I've said it before, but soon enough everything I own will have it's own sweater. :)

Do you use a planner to stay organized?

Crochet, plannermeredith