Making Plans for December

My new tradition of stitching a page in my journal and making a list of a few simple goals for the month ahead almost slipped my mind. There is SO much going on right now. So much. This is probably the last personal project I will be able to do until the end of January. I am thankful for that hour I spent doodling, stitching in my journal, and laughing at Kevin McCallister in Home Alone. It was so peaceful. Hopefully I can find a few more peaceful moments like that this month....

- Celebrate Christmas with friends and family. For some reason I really need the familiarity and tradition of Christmas time. This year has been filled with changes and it will be nice to feel the warmth and comfort of friends and family.

- Bake cookies, write cards, and wrap gifts. More basic, holiday tasks, but baking for loved ones and packing gifts are some of my favorite moments of the season.

- Prepare my Etsy shop for January! I can hardly believe I have to start thinking about 2013 with so much left to do in 2012! If time allows, I hope to get together new accessories and items for my shop before Christmas.

- Reflect on the many changes I experienced this year. So many things have happened since graduation and I know there are more things on the way. I want to reflect on this and prepare for the new changes coming in 2013.

- Try not to stress the season away. I am already guilty of this one! I really want to enjoy the holidays.

These plans are pretty simple but it is the simple moments of the holidays that are the most enjoyable! What are your goals for enjoying December?