12 Sheepish Days - Day 9 Yarn Braid Gift Bow and Card Garland

This simple yarn braid has multiple uses as a gift wrap ribbon and a Christmas card garland. No knitting or crochet required, just a little bit of yarn braided together and knotted at both ends. I cut three strands of each color yarn and held them together for a thicker braid. I love the look of the braid tied around the gift with the tassels at the ends. It looks a little bit like a mini scarf! Once the gift is opened, this yarn braid works great as a Christmas card garland. Just slip a paper clip through one of the notches on the braid and attach the card. 

If you use this braid for a gift, include a note inside of their card about the idea of using it as a garland. I love turning gift wrap into little extra gifts!

This easy 12 Sheepish Days project is perfect since the big day is approaching fast! A little too fast, I think. I still have a few Christmas cards that I need to put in the mail this week. Did you send out any cards this year?