12 Sheepish Days - Day 12 Festive Yarn Word Gift Wrap

Today I am excited for the final project of 12 Sheepish Days! I had so much fun creating these different projects using yarn to dress up Christmas packaging and I hope you enjoyed making a few this season. For Day 12, I have another simple way to to create a festive gift wrap with plain white wrapping paper and yarn. 
- Plain white wrapping paper (non-glossy)
- Yarn
- Pencil
- Glue
- Scissors
First, wrap your gift box with the wrapping paper. Draw a festive word or the recipient's name on the top of the gift with a pencil. I think it works better if you write the word in cursive so you only need one long piece of yarn and don't have to stop to cut a new piece for each letter. Trace over the word with glue and, starting at the first letter, gently pressing the yarn on top. When you reach the end of the word, snip the excess yarn. Allow to dry completely. 

If you still have some wrapping to finish, this is a great way to quickly add a personal touch to a gift and still have time to get it under the tree! I think it would look great to spell out a phrase like "Let It Snow" or "Joy to the World" on different presents and place them around the tree.

If I get enough photos, I still plan on doing a group feature of your projects from 12 Sheepish Days. Please send me the links to the projects you tried in the comments section, tag your photos with #12SheepishDays on Instagram or Twitter, or just send a photo to my email, sheepishknitcrochet(at)gmail(dot)com. You can go back and find all of the other projects here.

I hope you are having a great start to the week! Which project are you going to try before next Tuesday?